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Nikki Sixx is one of the founding members of Motley Crue, and it's principal song writer. Nikki was born on December 11th, 1958 at 7:11AM in San Jose, California and was named Franklin Carlton Serafino Feranna. He legally changed his name to Nikki Sixx in 1980. He spent much of his childhood moving from place to place, including California, Texas, Mexico, Idaho, Washington. He lived with his grandparents, Tom & Nona Reese much of this time.

He is now married to Donna D'Errico and lives in Agoura Hills, CA with their five kids.

In addition to writing songs for Motley Crue he has collaborated with James Michael on writing projects for various artists. Nikki Sixx also has a side project called 58, in which he does some vocal work. He founded his own record label, Americoma Records (now on hold) which reflects his beliefs in being "pro-artist, and not always pro industry".

Nikki has always maintained close ties to his fans, and as a consequence they are quite loyal. This along with his anti-corporate viewpoint led him to make this statement in regards to Napster debate, which Motley Crue was supportive of throughout.

"I still think Metallica have turned into a bunch of
fucking corporate pigs. You sold out to your
record company and lawyers with this lawsuit.
In fact, you sold out years ago.
Suck my dick. " - Nikki Sixx

Motley Crue even made an anti-metallica/pro-napster web cartoon titled Metalligreed in repsonse.

More recently Nikki Sixx has teamed up with JVC to launch their Ride the Wild Side promotion, alongside Shaun Palmer. Sixx and Palmer were featured on the JVC Times Square billboard unveiled June 6, 2001.

"JVC tries and succeeds at talking to the kids,
where they hang. They want to be on the edge
rather than just another big company" - Nikki Sixx

In January of this year, Nikki Sixx and Shaun Palmer agreed to launch signature line car amplifier products with JVC for it's Mobile Entertainment Division.

"I kind of really fell in love with the company because I'm an anti-corporate person and I started a record company and I thought outside the box ... They're [JVC] one of the few companies, if maybe the only company, that thinks like that" - Nikki Sixx

More information about Nikki Sixx:

Diary - Nikki Sixx has been keeping an online diary for a number of years now, an archive of these diary entries is kept on this site.

FAQ - Answers to some very Frequently Asked Questions about Nikki and also asked of Nikki.

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