Nikki Sixx Diary Archive

The following are diary entries from Nikki Sixx, all from the online diary he has kept for a few years. Some of the entries are from the Nikki Sixx section of the Shout message board on, others are from AOL posts he made, as well as the diary section he used to have on the Motley Crue site.

February - March 2002
3/15 - Sixx responds to rumor that he has died

January 2002
1/4 - Nikki Sixx 'doing the vasectomy shuffle'?
1/14 - Nikki needs to be slapped!

Fall 2001 - Nikki didn't post in his diary very much in 2001, so all of his entries from the last part of the year are here.
Among these entries is the one when Nikki says that he and Donna will no longer be involved with Outlaw clothes, also that Americoma has been put on a back burner for a while.

June 2001
- included here are the entries when Nikki put a link to this site's Outlaw Girl section, and also his confession.

The following messages from Nikki Sixx were posted on AOL. I don't have AOL myself, but I was able to get these because someone always posts them on the Shout message board.

April - May 2001 AOL posts
Highlights: Nikki Sixx sees top of Dano's mom's head!

[These diary entries are from the official Motley Crue site. Starting with December 2000, all entries use Nikki Sixx 's original font size and color]

March 2001  Highlights: Nikki posts first picture of Frankie!

February 2001
January 2001   Highlights: Nikki Sixx announces the birth of Frankie!

December 2000
- Dec. 4 entry concerning 'Bandaids' is a personal favorite ("...SOMETIMES THE INFECTION IS UNDER THE SKIN.... UNDER THE SCAB..AND YOU HAVE TO PEEL IT BACK AND SCRAP IT OUT ...")
- Dec. 11 bithday entry - includes message to Dano
- last entry - '3 greatest 4 letter words' - also a personal favorite

[entries from months below are Nikki Sixx 's words, not his font size or color]

November 2000
- Nikki Sixx in Japan! He talks about his tatooed naked women book,
- Vince getting branded and his waffle adventures!

October 2000
September 2000
August 2000
July 2000

[older diary entries and other messages from Sixx]

April 2000

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