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Band and site news:

I still haven't updated the site yet, but meanwhile, until I get a chance to do it - check out this new body jewelry web site! It even has tongue rings and belly button rings with pentagrams on it! A sort of Motley Crue jewelry! Ok, they call them 'stars', but if you turn them upsidedown they look like pentagrams - close enough for me! Also available are tons of other belly button rings!

Old news (very old!)

Nikki and Donna were on Hollywood Squares a a few months ago! Follow link below for more information!

I couldn't watch it, it wasn't on where I live.

If you haven't bought the Motley Crue autobiography 'The Dirt' yet - get it now! The DVD
' Lewd Crued & Tattooed' is available from Amazon, also on VHS

A Nikki Sixx section was added - it has a short bio, FAQ and more!

Dirt Quote of the Day/Month/Whenever:

"When Motley Crue came on the scene, it was less as a band than as a gang. We'd get drunk, do crazy amounts of cocaine, and walk the circuit in stiletto heels, stumbling all over the place." -- Vince Neil

Other News:

no other news now


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