Classic Crue

Motley Crue articles, interviews and pictures from magazines like Circus, Hit Parader, Creem, Faces, etc. (more coming).

Picture at right (from Creem magazine) was taken by Neil Zlozower, it is from the 'blood session' (best rock photos of all time!). More of these photos can be seen on Neil Zlozower's web site.

Hit Parader December 1983 (added 8/9) - TFFL era pictures, one with Nikki's pant's on fire. Nikki talks about sex and a few other things.

Creem January 1985 (added 1/29) - "We bite the fuck out of people who come on the bus with us," says Nikki Sixx...

Circus January 1984 (added 12/23) - ad for 'Shout at the Devil', short article

Hit Parader October 1984 - making of 'Too Fast for Love' video

Hit Parader October 1985 - has another photo from the Neil Zlozower 'blood session' !

Faces Fall 1985 - pictures from tour with Ozzy Osbourne

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